CanButler merges the digital and physical worlds to tackle the one-of-a-kind trash predicaments that modern vacation rentals are currently facing. With our revolutionary trash-to-curb subscription service and OnDemand scheduling platform, we provide the most efficient and cost effective solution to manage your property’s waste. We guarantee that each turn will be performed without any excessive build up of rubbish on your property.


Disposing of garbage can be an unpleasant, odorous, and unsavory task – let’s face it; nobody enjoys doing it – especially when you’re trying to relax on vacation!
CanButler takes the hassle out of removing your property’s garbage cans. We offer a convenient network of app-enabled can-runners who will take the trash to and from curbside on collection day, so you don’t have to worry about it! And if you ever find yourself in an urgent situation where trash needs immediate removal, our OnDemand service is here for you – this way your excess waste is never left behind.


Join online now or submit a list of the properties you want serviced to our highly skilled routing team.


Our app-empowered can-runners make sure your trash cans are at the curb right before collection day, ensuring you never miss a pick up.


Our automated routing system assigns your property to one of our 50+ optimized service routes


On collection day, our can-runners take it upon themselves to meticulously return each trash can into its proper place after being emptied.

How Does CanButler Compare?

CanButler is the ultimate solution for tackling customer frustrations with traditional trash solutions. Our services and platform provide an efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective answer to all of your needs.
Each week, on your collection day, we provide a convenient service where our app-enabled can runners take out and return your trash cans to the curb. With an easy monthly subscription plan, you will never have to worry about lugging those heavy cans again!
Our comprehensive waste management system guarantees that your visitors will never be faced with the eyesore of overflowing garbage. Utilizing our signature trash-to-curb and OnDemand solutions alongside coordinated bookings, CanButler is here to make sure of it!
With the CanButler app, eliminating your property’s trash has never been easier! All you have to do is make an On Demand request and poof! In no time at all, any surplus of garbage will be cleared away from your premises on the same day or by the following morning.
Have you ever had to hold your nose when approaching a trash can? Not only does this lead to unpleasantness, but it also indicates that the bin may be home to dangerous germs and critters. That’s why our curbside cleaning service is here! We’ll make sure even the stinkiest of cans are sparkling clean and fragrant all year round; no more worrying about what lies within.